By Our Fruits
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By Our Fruits

Thursday evening my wife was standing in a line of faculty waiting to enter an auditorium for a summer graduation, when the lady behind her said with an air of superiority, “I got my doctorate at U.C. Berkeley. Where did you get yours?” “U.C. Berkeley,” said my wife. You could almost hear the hiss as the air went out of the woman’s balloon. So much for being special. You just have to love people.

Last week while at my infusion clinic I stopped to give a word of encouragement to a newly diagnosed leukemia patient.  As I told her I had been diagnosed 5 years ago and she could look forward to many more years of life, she had to tell me she was a doctor, academic not medical.  I merely smiled.  Was that really important for her to share?  I guess so or she wouldn’t have done so. How about I’m a mother or a grandmother?  Those are so much more important.  But maybe that was all she had.  If so I am very sorry because we are a dime a dozen.  All it really means is we have spent more time and more money in school than others.  It doesn’t make us smarter, just more focused on one thing.

Since I have never met a prince I wonder if they have to make sure we know?  Since I am prince of the King of the Universe, maybe I ought to begin making sure people know that when I’m introduced.  But that is so “In your face.”  Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”  If I have to tell you I’m a Christian I must not be much of a Christian.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 18, 2012

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