Looking for a Rejoicing Event
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Looking for a Rejoicing Event

So far this has been an interesting week.  On Sunday afternoon while driving on a country road for several miles behind three cars, the lead car suddenly stopped to turn left.   The car behind him successfully swerved out into a beautiful patch of day lilies on the right.  With no place else to go the car in front of us swerved out to the left successfully avoiding the car that wanted to turn left.  Unfortunately at that point he lost control and smashed really hard, head on into the guard rail.  That was the end of that car.  As for us?  We had good brakes.

Today on my way back from the dentist (always a treat) I waited for a traffic light in the heart of our little city and watched some lady stealing flowers from the town triangle.  She was picking the best of the best and putting them in her basket.  Hopefully she was taking them to a shut-in.

If God kept a journal it must be filled with amazing things that He has seen.  Each day events just on Earth would fill pages with saga-like stories. Living is just plain interesting. (An oxymoron?)  I was tempted to quote Psalm 118:24.  “This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us be glad and rejoice in it.”  However, the events I witnessed didn’t really inspire rejoicing.

I almost saw a rejoicing event.  Today I saw an old lady in a wheelchair (not motorized) trying to get herself up a grade so she could get into Denny’s.  A man came out and walked toward her.  I was so glad thinking he would push her.  He walked on by.

Tomorrow I shall watch for a rejoicing event.  You watch too.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 18, 2012

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