Wealth of Nations

According to Adam Smith in his classic “Wealth of Nations” the true value of something is measured by the amount of labor required to attain it.   The value of a loaf of bread can take one man an hour of labor and another man a minute of labor.  The discrepancy is the result of the skill of the laborer in producing what others will trade an hour of their labor to attain.  A man who works for 10 dollars an hour will pay 300 dollars an hour to an attorney who can do something the man cannot do for himself like keeping him out of jail.  The labor of the attorney is 30 times more valuable than the labor of the client.  

So it is that I was wondering how it was that Jesus could upon the cross pay the price for all the sins of mankind.   That is incredible value considering the rotten history of this world.  Paul says, “. . . through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous. ”  Romans 5:19   Why is the labor of Jesus so valuable?

Reason number – Jesus was obedient.  That is something no one else has been able to do.  The law of supply and demand enters here. 

Reason number two – He is the creator.  (Hebrews 1)  Recently I was drooling over a magnificent painting.   The artist told me I could have it for $95,000.00.   From experience he knew the value of his work.  Jesus declares His labor adequate to cover the cost.  From experience He knows the value of His sacrifice on Calvary.