The Quest

When I was in college I had to take P.E. as a part of my theology curriculum. If it really had been Physical Education I would not have minded. I wanted to know more about myself and how to get stronger. However, the curriculum was far from education. It was hell. At the first class the teacher gave us a list of things we had to do to get a certain grade. The A list was obviously longer and more difficult than the B list and the B list was harder than the C list. Wanting a good grade, I tackled the A list. It was such things as run a mile in a designated time, do 100 push-ups, etc. I had English composition class right after this farce disguised as education. It was difficult to concentrate in English because of the extreme nausea I experienced following each P.E. class. I did not get my A. I was too busy cleaning myself up after each class. Neither did I get an A in English.

I remembered this unfortunate educational experience when reading that world class athletics that run the 400 meter race often vomit during training. I had a preacher friend who told me he used to vomit each Sabbath morning before going into the pulpit. The stress to be excellent was that horrendous.

In Hebrews 1 we read that we are in a race. We are racing toward character building. We are racing toward Christ-likeness. We are racing to improve our morality and our understanding of true goodness. What we are not racing for is salvation. The reason being is salvation is a gift. Romans 6:23. The quest is to excel in righteousness.