Nose Art
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Nose Art

There is so much truth in the axiom that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This afternoon my wife destroyed some of the most beautiful art I have ever possessed.  She washed the inside of the windows of our car.  She destroyed fantastic nose art painted by my beautiful black lab.  Those windows were covered with wet nose prints unduplicated anywhere in the world.  It was like setting fire to a Rembrandt.  Alas.  They are gone. However, I still have the artist and we are going for a ride! Speaking of going for a ride, last week we stopped at a Dairy Queen and the artist got a baby cone.  Does anyone know if dogs get brain-freeze?

My wife thinks I’m crazy.  I wonder if Satan thinks God is crazy.  God actually thinks we, you and I, are beautiful.  How can that be?  I know a few people who are so very good looking I could almost understand the “made in His image” thing. But really now.  Most of us are pretty common looking.  It isn’t till we get to know a common looking person that they become beautiful.  It’s in the “eye of the beholder” thing.

Then there is the aging process.  The only reason I would ever choose to go to a high school class reunion is to comfort myself that everyone else also looks pretty bad.  Which brings me back to our Heavenly Father who loves us when we are babies, teens (wow – really), young parents and finally grands.  There is no other religion in the world with such a wonderful message.  God so loved the world.  God so loved you and me.  How grand.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 21, 2012

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