Change (Not Coins)

We are having local elections and lawns along busy streets are strewn with a plethora of names from all over the world.    Today I saw Greek names, Irish names, Jewish names, an Asian name and a vast variety of Italian names.  This is America, land of immigrants.  When I got home there were cards hanging from my front door knob urging me to vote for the person pictured.  One of the reasons one of them gave was we need change.  That was it!  He apparently had no other qualifications other than being someone different. 
Change is important if there is a reason to change.  He didn’t tell me what was broken.  If it isn’t broken we shouldn’t fix it.  I try not to be a stick in the mud and be a bit adventurous.  I try new things.  But when it comes to my local government, I like what is happening here.  We have great schools, etc.
Revelation 12 speaks of a war in heaven where someone was determined to take God’s place.  There was nothing wrong.  So the lies began.  Lucifer said, “Vote for me.  I will make things better.”  Really?   Lucifer must have been the first politician to tell a lie.  Need I say he was not the last?  Heaven needed fact checkers.  Then Lucifer lied to Eve and told her she needed change.  Some change.  Just look at the mess that ensued.
Recently I saw a preacher who kept pointing his finger at us, telling us in a very loud voice that we needed to change.  Frankly, I thought it was he who needed to change, his style.  Yes, I do need to change.  I will ask the Holy Spirit to do the pointing.  Oh, by the way, He doesn’t shout.  He speaks in a still small voice.