Jesus Always the Same

My dog doesn’t understand the time change from Daylight Saving to Standard Time.   She eats at noon each day.  She makes sure I do not forget.  If I am late there is a lot of nose pushing and running back and forth to her dish.  So far this week I have been getting the treatment at 11 instead of 12.  I have tried to explain to her about GMT and our standard five hour difference but I just get a cocked head and then a nose push.
The truth is times as well as time are changing.  The world is almost a different planet from just 25 years ago when we were asking, “What’s the Internet?”   Tonight I saw an IKEA commercial with a same sex couple celebrating their first anniversary.  That’s something we wouldn’t have seen just a year or so ago.  Soon we will be taken from home to church in our self driving cars.  Already mine stops and goes by itself when I am in stop and go traffic and it is a 2011 not a 2016.  I just sit and steer.
The question is, “Is our faith still relevant in the new world that is rushing at us?”  Times are changing.  However, people aren’t.  People are people and have been the same since Noah.  We have the same needs.  We need food, safety, love and self-esteem.  We also have spiritual needs that cannot be satisfied with any material acquisition. The anchor in all of this is God is changeless.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  Hebrews 13:8.   Our hunger for righteousness is and always will be a basic need and Jesus will always be the bread and water of life no matter how much the times change.