English is extremely complicated, especially for native speakers.  We speak the way we heard English as a child and while we are following rules we don’t know the rules.  We just know when something doesn’t sound right it’s wrong.   Why does it sound wrong when I say, “old dump two red big trucks”?   We know what it means but it just isn’t right.  Actually there is a rule regarding the order of adjectives.  Adjectives are supposed to be used in the following order. Quantity, Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material, Purpose.  Therefore, I should have said, “two, big, old, red, dump trucks.” Our brains automatically do it without knowing the rules.
Jesus’ goal is to live in us so we automatically do the right things without having to think about whether or not we are following or breaking rules.  It is called living by principles instead of living by rules.  There are thousands of rules in life but only one principle.  If we live by that principle we don’t need a rule book.   We call it the Golden Rule.  But it really should be called the Golden Principle.  The Golden Principle is to do to others what we would want them to do for us.  
Unless we are mentally ill we know how to treat others because of what we would want for ourselves.  Life becomes very easy.  It is not complicated to know what to do.  However, often it is complicated to do it.  That’s where prayer comes into the situation.  We just need to ask God to help us figure out HOW to do it, not IF we should do it.