Fruit Salad

On the third day God said, “Let’s make something special for Adam and Eve. Let’s make it round, big and green on the outside.  Let’s surprise them by making it bright red on the inside with big black seeds they can spit at each other.”  And so God made watermelons.  It didn’t take Adam long to learn that they were especially good if he stored them in a nice cool spring before cutting them open.  Warm Eden afternoons were the perfect time to savor the crispy, crunchy flesh that oozed with delight.  Eve learned that she could cube them and mix them with strawberries, blueberries and cubes of muskmelons and mangoes. Eating in Eden was a delight.

Eating in Massachusetts on a warm August afternoon can replicate an afternoon in Eden.  It’s true we have to fly the mangoes in from the south but we have all the other goodies home grown.   This afternoon watermelon slices filled me with childhood memories of going to the supermarket and discovering a small mountain of melons.  There was a large knife and customers were welcome to plug the melon and taste before buying.  If it wasn’t any good you tossed it aside and plugged another one. Not only would that never happen anymore because of the cost but the local health department would have a fit.  Young people today aren’t too sure I am telling the truth about this.  It seems so strange.

How I wish everyone one on earth could sit and savor God’s great blessings. But alas we see pictures of hungry children in refugee camps hiding from the ravages of war.  The ones in the refugee camps are some of the fortunate ones. God’s blessings are not meant just for us.  We must be thankful for such good things.

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 12, 2013

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