It’s September and our hostas have started to turn brown.  They are much like us graying.  They start browning on the edges and work toward the center. Hostas are wonderful plants.  They thrive in the sun or shade and come in a rainbow of color choices.  Since we have lots of shade we especially like them.  Like us they have a prime time for blooming and then they mature into old age.

I wonder when is primetime for us.  Is it when we are in our twenties and starting a career, a marriage and parenthood?  Could it be our thirties when we are raising children?  Could it be later when we get to be grandparents and see the fruit of our parenting?  How about even later when we are wising up and able to put life’s events into perspective? Upon reflection I am beginning to think it is possible for us to have one very long primetime or several primetimes, one right after the other, depending upon our ability to capitalize on the moment.

When was primetime for Jesus?  Could it have been in Nazareth when He was part of a small community and adding love to that little burg?  Or was it His ministry when He was healing and telling everyone about His (our) heavenly Father?  Or was primetime Gethsemane and Calvary?  I am tempted to think it was the latter and yet I think each stage of His life was prime just as it should be for us.  If we use each day to grow or to better the lives of those around us I can’t think of anything more prime.  Often old people sit around and talk about “when.”  That’s not prime.  Now is prime.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 2, 2013

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