Taking Responsibility

I went to the seminary with a future preacher who claimed it was wrong to prepare one’s sermon.  He contended if at the beginning of the sermon he would ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance the Holy Spirit would then use him as His instrument for conveying what God wanted the people to hear.  I have to admit it sounded good but I was never willing to give it a try.  My idea was the Holy Spirit knows who is going to be there and what they need and can inspire me during the sermon preparation.   There is an advantage to what my unprepared preacher did.  I have to take responsibility for a lousy presentation, he never did.  Whatever happened no matter how poorly presented wasn’t his fault.  It was God’s will.

Through the years I have seen variations on this concept.  People are faced with difficult decisions where each will produce both favorable and unfavorable results.  (Very few decisions in life are all good or all bad.)  Because it is difficult they don’t decide. They let happen what will happen and then say that God’s will was done because they surrendered to Him.  Therefore, the mess that followed was God’s will.

It appears to me this is a tactic for not taking responsibility for one’s life.  It seems to me when confronted with a difficult choice we should pray for wisdom and make the best choice we can.  I believe He will bless knowing we tried.  That doesn’t mean everything will be perfect.  That will only happen in heaven.  While here we are expected to use the mental gifts He has given us.  1. Ask for guidance.  2. Gather as much information as possible.  3. Decide.  4. Take responsibility.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 16, 2014

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