The Cure

The world is awakening to the reality of Ebola.  It must be confined and eradicated.  Councils in many nations are brainstorming strategies for effective action.  After Adam and Eve introduced sin on earth heaven knew it must be confined and eradicated.  But unlike Ebola, a physical malady, sin was a psychological malady that could spread throughout the universe ravaging civilizations and turning them into populations of selfish warring creatures.  Being that sin is psychological, the cure was not pills or vaccines, it was something so dramatic, so stunningly over-the-top, so horrific and so convincing that once administered sin would never arise again anywhere. The only cure required the death of the Creator Himself.

When announced angels were horror-stricken.  Surely there had to be another solution.  But, God in His infinite wisdom knew this was the only way.  Sin must run its course demonstrating to all the natural consequence, which is death to everything good and bad. It would even torture and kill the Creator Himself.  Sin is self-destructive.  Left unchecked sin will ultimately destroy everything.

In order to salvage something from this world and to inoculate other worlds that are watching, Jesus came and Lucifer was delighted.  His plan was to make the cost so dear Jesus would give up and go home.  In Gethsemane he pressed Jesus to the earth with the idea that Jesus’ eternal sacrifice was going to be forever and no one would benefit.  It was a waste.  But the hope that someone, even one, might be saved Jesus decided to pay the price no matter what.  On the cross, Jesus cried, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”  He was alone.  The price, the cure, was a plunge into the darkness of eternal hell.  Not only earth was saved.  The universe was saved.

Written by Roger Bothwell on Sept. 17. 2014

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