“Who Me?”

If you have ever owned a dog you know the “Who Me?” look after something happened in the house.  Whether it be a pie on the floor or a missing pet pigeon (that happened in our house), the only culprit possible will give you that bowed head so you can’t make eye contact.  The news this evening reported a home in Oregon that was missing a lot of footwear.  They must have seen a lot of “Who Me?” looks because the vet found 43 socks inside their Great Dane.   Since we only have a very sketchy story of Adam and Eve I wonder if they tried the “Who Me?” with God.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Sometimes we are so in love with ourselves (and love is blind) we don’t even recognize that the very things we blame others for we are doing.  We don’t even do the “Who Me?” because we won’t allow ourselves to believe we could be like that when we are so blatantly like that.  Do you remember Nathan having to tell David, “You are that man”?

This is such a common human trait that Freud even had a name for it.  He called it the Projection Ego Defense Mechanism.  Jesus was the best psychologist who ever lived.  No one knows us better.  In the Sermon on the Mount He warned us not to judge others because so often we have a 2 x 4 hanging out of our eye when we accuse someone else of having a speck of sawdust in theirs.  The next time the Holy Spirit prompts you regarding something that you need to fix, please don’t give Him the “Who Me?” look.  He knows the secrets of your heart.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 5, 2014

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