Touting Jesus

The popular television show America’s Got Talent is coming to the finale.  The emcee and judges talk to the contestants about the million dollar prize and sometimes ask them how they would spend the million dollars if they should win.   At the end of the show during the credits a message in small print is flashed on the screen.  If you blink you will miss it.  It says the million dollars will be paid out over forty years.  Humm.   That translates into $68.49 a day.  The twelve-year old, who is competing in the finals, will if he wins, be fifty-two-years-old when he will finally have all his prize.  I wonder what you will be able to buy with $68.49 forty years from now.  Perhaps a milkshake at the Dairy Queen?

Granted I wouldn’t mind having an extra $68.49 cents a day.  Today it would have paid for the gas I put in my car.  But my point is things are not always what they are touted to be.  This week I returned a telescope to because it didn’t really do what the manufacturer touted it would do.  Returns are nice.

I have spent my life touting Jesus and I have never been able to think of really great descriptors that are adequate in describing who He is, what He did and what He is going to do for us.  Jesus is beyond language.  After Paul became a believer he tried.  In the first chapters of Ephesians and Colossians he waxes eloquent in his attempt to tout Jesus.  No one has ever done better.  Please take time today to read Paul’s touting.  Jesus isn’t everything we have touted Him to be.   He is mega times more.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 4, 2014

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