On Saying the Wrong Thing

A neighbor down the street who has a professionally cared for lawn stopped to chat with another neighbor who has intensely labored to also have a beautiful lawn.  During the course of a short conversation the one from down the street told the hard working neighbor that his lawn was the wrong color green. Can you imagine?  The wrong color green!!  How audacious!

Reality is that most likely several times a week we also say the wrong things to people and are too dumb to realize it.  However, sometimes we do know it.  As soon as it comes off the tongue, we know it.  Then begins the game of trying to politely back track.  It is well nigh impossible to do that.

In light of real truth known only to God, I wonder if we ever say anything that is on the mark.  God must shake His head and wonder at our audacity to speak with such confidence about so many things.

Maybe the only thing we really do know for sure is that we are sinners in need, and we have a wonderful Savior named Jesus Christ.  That is enough.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 27, 2000

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