Keys To The Kingdom

In Matthew 16 Jesus gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter.  It was an awesome responsibility.  Usually I do not like to have keys to places.  If I don’t have a key then it wasn’t me that messed up the place.  However, there are some keys we all desire.  We all like having a key to a new car.

The keys to the kingdom are frightening to have and it wasn’t just Peter who received them.  We all get them.  He used his well.  In Acts 2 he opened the kingdom to over three thousand people.  I’m sure each of us would be thrilled to do that.  The responsible part comes when we realize we can by our lack of care and love close and lock the door to the kingdom for some.

I have mixed feelings about being a teacher.  Over and over through the years I talk to people who have left the church because they feel a teacher mistreated them.   The problem is sometimes teachers have to be tough on students.   Often students fail to turn in assignments or attend class and when it is time to receive the consequences for their behavior it is never their fault.  That bad grade was because the teacher was uncaring and mean.

If students only knew the pain a teacher (a good teacher) feels when it becomes necessary to fail someone.  Sometimes I reach in my pocket and pull out my keys and stare at them and wonder, “Is this just a bad grade or is this a key that will lock the door to the kingdom?”

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 29, 2008

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