Impact – Newton’s Cradle
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Impact – Newton’s Cradle

I was playing with a Newton’s Cradle.  It is difficult not to do so.  First I pulled out one of the steel balls and let it swing into the remaining four.  The middle three never moved but the fifth on the far side popped out almost as far as the one I had pulled out.  Next I pulled out two and two popped out on the opposite side.

It is so much like so many lives.  We live our lives hoping to make a difference but we never see anything happen.  I have a friend who despairs because he thinks he has never brought anyone to Jesus.  He fears he has never made an impact on anyone. Few of us are Billy Grahams.   We never preach to thousands.  We never have hundreds flock to the altar.  However, like the impact of the steel ball in a Newton’s Cradle we do impact lives that impact lives that impact lives and unbeknownst to us four or five times removed someone is radically changed. We just never were in a position to see it.  But it still happened.

Recently, I saw a horrible photograph of a tiny emaciated African child waiting to die while a vulture patiently sat behind waiting.  Did that small life matter?  Did that child make a difference?  It certainly did on me.  I can’t get the picture out of my mind and it will forever impact me.  No one, no matter how small, how seemingly unimportant, lives or dies without impacting someone somewhere somehow.  Let me assure you that your life matters.  This very small planet we call home is impacted because you are here.  God told Jeremiah, “Before you were born I knew you.”  That goes for each of us whether we see it or not.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 27, 2013

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