We Know
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We Know

The same week my older son was admitted to a burn unit in Southern California my younger son’s wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  To say it wasn’t our best week would be an understatement.  However, the news is good and we are blessed.  Both my older son and my younger son’s wife will both be discharged in a few short hours.   My older son’s skin grafts on his hands are doing very well and he is flying home to New York.  To say that we are happy would also be an understatement.

Today in our supermarket I saw a delightful little boy being pushed about in a shopping cart designed to look like a car.  He was beaming as he spun the steering wheel in the direction his mom was pushing the cart.  His total innocence had to be reminiscent of Adam and Eve’s joy in Eden.  The little boy has no choice.  He will grow up.  Adam and Eve thought they were growing up when they chose so badly.  As I looked at him I wanted something bad.  I wanted him to stay small.  But, we know that isn’t what it is all about.

What it is all about is growing.  Had Adam and Eve obeyed they would have grown to heights one can only imagine. It is God’s goal for each of us.  It is what eternal life is all about.  We are going to grow in innocence, but definitely not in ignorance.  We know.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 21, 2013

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