The Reset Button
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The Reset Button

Recently someone dear to us wrote, “I wish life was like a video game, where you can click a restore button and go back and start over at a favorite time.”    That’s a pretty good idea but considering that would involve each life of the billions who live on earth, God has come up with a variation of that wish.

While we can’t turn back the clock we can continue as long as we need to click a restore button.  In His mind we start fresh.   I wish it could be that way with the people around us.  Some of them have very long memories and seem to relish in reminding us of our flawed past.  God is so very much better than people.  And yet, what amazes me, so many of those remembering people think they are Christians.  Jesus was so very clear about this in the Lord’s Prayer.  If we expect forgiveness we have to give forgiveness.

One of the advantages to God’s restore system is while we get to start over we can retain the lessons learned.  We don’t have to start today or tomorrow minus the wisdom obtained from past mistakes.  We get a fresh start with the advantage of knowing what not to do.  It gives us a head-start on future success.  When similar situations arise we can remind ourselves not to go there.  “Been down that road.  Not going again.”   Sometimes we are foolish and think just because it didn’t turn out good the last time, maybe this time it will be different.  Well how dumb can that be?  That borders on insanity or at least stupidity.  Should we be so retarded – guess what?  You guessed it.   God has a reset button ready to go.   Hooray for our Heavenly Father.   Boo for us.

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 2, 2011

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