Surprised by a Coupon
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Surprised by a Coupon

While shopping this evening I reached for an item and discovered some kind soul had been there before me and had tucked in place a two dollar coupon.   It hadn’t been put there by the store.  It had been torn out from a newspaper.  It was a super nice thing to do for a stranger.  It was one of those random acts of kindness.  I was very happy to use it at the checkout counter.

Doing nice things for others really does bring joy into our lives.  Maybe the person was watching from down the aisle to see who got it.  If so, I hope he or she wasn’t disappointed some old guy got it.  It probably would have been even more appreciated by a young couple with small children.

I enjoy the paraphrase in the Message of Romans 12:13, “be inventive in hospitality.”  What a difference we can generate in our environment if each day we did some really unique deed of kindness.   We could cut coupons and take them to the store next time we go shopping.  As a teacher I could fill my syllabus with lots of assignments and then surprise my students by telling them they only had to do half of them.  But that is kind of contrived.   That is akin to robbing someone and then giving them back their credit cards. Did I just associate my class assignments with robbing someone?   That was stupid.  Well designed assignments contribute to the wealth of knowledge a student receives by taking the course.  If I did not give assignments I would be robbing my students of their tuition.

Let’s be kind today and not worry about what we get but be concerned with what we can give.

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 1, 2011

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