Oh To Be Consistent
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Oh To Be Consistent

I smiled to myself as she said, “I’m having my tubes tied because I do not believe in birth control.”  Really?  And just why are you having your tubes tied and what would you call it?  Consistency is perhaps one of the most illusive of all moral goals.  For one thing we speak and act without having thought things through to their ultimate end.  And even when we have, we have to contend with our ever-changing attitudes and hormone levels.  It is so easy to say, “I am going to become a vegetarian” when one is not hungry.  It is so easy to say, “I will never again tell a lie” until we find ourselves in a situation where the truth will cost us.  It so easy to say, “I will control my passions” until a pretty woman walks into the room.

Appetites are a blessing.  Just imagine how bland life would be if we did not desire anything.  Appetites push our sense of worth and the challenge to be consistent.  The woman who wants to tie her tubes is not consistent because she hasn’t thought it through.  But most of us have thought it through and still want to violate the promise we made to ourselves yesterday.  Our promises are like ropes of sand.

No wonder Paul cries out, “Who will rescue me from this body of death?”  Romans 7.  “For the things I would not do I do.”  Thankfully there is an answer in Romans 8.  There is forgiveness and help.  Jesus is looking for growth and for progress.  With His help we can keep doing better.

Written by Roger Bothwell on June 22, 2008

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