The Saturation Factor

Wanting to do something exciting for her twin nine-year-old grandsons, grandma took them to the circus.  They did not stay to the end.  The boys were bored.  The world has changed.  There was a time when going to the circus was the biggest entertainment event to happen in a child’s life.  Now by the time a child is nine they have seen so much media that elephants, lions, and clowns are “ho-hum.”

When one thinks about eternal life you cannot help but wonder about the saturation factor.  If one has an infinite amount of time one can see and process an infinite amount of experiences. How will we keep from becoming jaded? It seems to have everything to do with intellectual curiosity.  Knowing there is always something new will keep life interesting.

Actually, to find new things to explore one need go no farther afield than one’s back yard.  Select your interest and spend a lifetime studying birds or spiders or plants.  In fact, this spring we looked out the window and saw a hummingbird hovering in the very place we had a feeder last year.  We had not yet put it up this year.  That bird had migrated thousands of miles south and had returned six months later looking for its feeder.  There is so much to learn about that bird.

Eternity is about the adventures of the mind.

Written by Roger Bothwell on June 23, 2004

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