Printer Envy
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Printer Envy

I have just developed a serious case of printer envy.  I along with one of my colleagues took pictures of our students.  We want the pictures for a display in our department.  Her pictures are about twice as good as mine.  Hers look professional and mine look like a grade school project.  Both of us are using Canon cameras, Canon paper and Canon printers.  But her printer has five different ink cartridges and mine only has four.  The difference in the picture quality is dramatic.

My question is.  Is it okay for me to want a printer like hers as long as I don’t long for her printer?  Am I or am I not violating the “Thou shall not covet”?   I don’t think I am.  I believe the commandment was designed to keep me from scheming how to get something from another person.  I am not to want someone’s job or someone’s wife, something that can’t be replicated.

The entire issue of commandment keeping is all about love for someone other than myself.  It’s the heart of God’s law.  God is not interested in giving us commandments to see if we are obedient.  He is interested in protecting us from harming ourselves and others. This is why obedience becomes the fruit of our experience with Jesus.  With Jesus living in us we lose the desire to do anything that would bring harm.  We can go through the day and do anything we want to do because we only want to do what is beneficial.   This is what Paul is talking about in Galatians 5 and 6.  We have tremendous freedom in Christ and can prosper and do well as long as we allow Him to influence our wants and needs.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 2, 2010

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