No Retractions
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No Retractions

Do you ever see or hear something so unbelievable you question its veracity?  Me, too.  Try this one. In the November 29 issue of Time magazine you will find this number.  Ninety percent of all children in the United States will eat at a McDonalds at least once a month.  I mentioned this to one of my classes today and they couldn’t believe it.  But as astounding as it is I would assume the publishers of Time magazine would have verified this before printing it.  So I am going to believe it.

Now if I should believe the publishers of Time should I not also believe the Creator of the world when He says some pretty unbelievable things such as He forgives all our sins if we will only ask?  Or how about believing that He is coming again in the clouds of heaven to redeem us and at the same time resurrect those who have died believing in Him?  How about believing that we are saved by grace and not by our labors?  I could go on with some more pretty amazing promises from Scripture but, my point is obvious.  The editors of Time are fallible people like you and me and yet I choose to believe them.  I do this knowing that next week’s edition might possibly print a retraction acknowledging that they overstated the McDonalds thing.

One thing I can be absolutely sure of there will NEVER be a published retraction of John 3:16-17.  Nor will there be one from I Thessalonians 4 or I John 1:9 or John 14.  There are some things that are so sure, so real, so positive that choosing to believe them is a very smart thing to do.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 1, 2010

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