God and My Newspaper Deliverer
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God and My Newspaper Deliverer

My newspaper delivery guy wants to get paid each week so he leaves me an envelope to put it out for him.   I don’t mind because it is an easy way to use up the change I accumulate through the week and it somehow gives the illusion I’m getting a free paper since I never hand over a check or cash.  On a regular basis I put in a few extra coins.  It isn’t much but over the course of a year it might help him.   Last week just to see what would happen, I shorted him a dime.  Sure enough this week he left me a note pointing out I owed him an extra ten cents.  He never once left me a note telling me I put in too much.

I am trying to decide whether or not in weeks to come to continue putting in extra.  Most likely I will because the truth of the matter seems that God continually showers me with extras and most of the time I fail to mention to Him that I noticed.  But come a shortfall, a need or a concern about the future, I make sure I tell Him about it.   So I don’t think the way I treat God is much different from the treatment I got from my paper deliverer and I certainly don’t want God to stop delivering the extras.

One of my favorite verses is Ephesians 2:7 where Paul speaks about God saving us so He can throughout eternity shower us with blessings.  God is never stingy with us.  How grand that is!

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 19, 2003.

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