Incredible Treasures
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Incredible Treasures

When in Rome one must be sure to visit the Pantheon.  Constructed between the years 118 and 126 it has a wonderful dome with a span of 142 feet and was the largest known dome in the world until 1436.  To support the massive weight until the compression ring could be put in place the building was filled with sand.  Coins were mixed in the sand and carefully guarded until the grand day construction was complete.  All that was necessary to remove the sand was to open the door and allow the people to come in with buckets and carry out the sand and keep any uncovered coins.  There was no lack of eager workers.

Occasionally I pick up an acorn and ponder the thought that I hold a mighty oak tree in my hand.  The reality is there.  It is only a matter of time and growth.  Our Bibles are filled with God’s promises.  Each time we claim one for our own the inherent gift is ours.  Its reality is only a matter of time and growth.  How can it be that people flocked to the Pantheon to find coins that would soon be spent and yet so few explore God’s word for treasure that will never be gone?  Once the talents and gifts are ours, we can have them forever.

Our heavenly Father wants us to be rich.  Incredible treasures await us if we will only look.  Jesus promised, “Seek and you will find.”  Angels must be amazed at our comfort with poverty when riches lay at our fingertips.  Look, explore, they are there.  They can be yours.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 20, 2003.

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