Love is What Makes a Subaru?

Whether we want to admit it or not commercials do affect us.  They are pervasive.  A sixty minute football game can easily go three hours.  That is twice as much time being bombarded with commercials as the amount of time we actually watch the game.  A few of the ads are actually fun to watch while others make us wonder.  One of the wonder ones right now is “Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru.”   Really?  I’m not sure I know what that means.  Was it constructed by workers who loved their jobs?  Or do they love us for buying one?  Or will those who buy one be demonstrating their love somehow?
I wish we had the money and creativity to so promote something about love that is really true.  It would be wonderful to replace most of the car and beer commercials with   “Love is what made Jesus our Savior.”  Now that I understand.   Actually I’m not sure that I do.  The thought of the creator God of the universe becoming one of us and submitting Himself to the cross is beyond my comprehension.  God’s commitment to us will be our study for an eternity.  We will all earn PhDs in God’s love.  What a joy it will be to research and write not one but hundreds of dissertations.  Making oral presentations to committees of professors from universities all over space really will take us where no man has gone before.

We really can’t miss this.  We must treasure what God did and accept His gift.  We will travel everywhere sharing the Good News and we will not be going in a Subaru no matter how much the Subaru manufactures wish it were so.