Our Quest

It’s that time again.  Amazingly so.  An entire year has passed since we last asked for contributions to Spring of Life Ministry.  Our promise is we will only ask once a year and of course we do it now while people are getting their finances in order for the taxman.
Once again this year we wrote 240 devotionals resulting in 72,000 words.  That’s 72,000 words with only one goal – to tell as many people as possible how much Jesus loves them. What an amazing task God has given us!  He made the incredible gift of His Son for us and then quested us to tell the world.  We are so close to fulfilling the Gospel Commission.  Modern technology has given us a voice beyond our dreams.  Any place in the world can now hear the wonders of Jesus.  And so we use technology everyday as the Holy Spirit guides us.  We are hungry for Jesus to return.  We are so close now.
In the meantime together we are actively using Spring of Life to improve the lives of people in need.  We are able to supply tuition, medical supplies, food and shelter to an interesting array of people.  Thank you so much for making this possible.  Your generous gifts provide us with the resources to seek out and aid very grateful people.  It is very rewarding to be a positive part of others’ lives.  I pray that the devotionals are a positive blessing for you and I thank you for your care, love and concern.