“I’m Good”

There is an interesting YouTube of a man on a street trying to sell a $50 Canadian gold coin for $25.  No one will buy it.  He is even standing near a store that buys gold so someone could go inside and check its value.  No one will do that.  At one point he offered to trade it for a bottle of water someone was carrying and he was unable to trade it. The coin weighed an ounce and gold was then selling for $1500 an ounce.  Many people refused the offer by saying, “I’m good.”
In Revelation 3:18 God calls for His last day church, Laodicea, to buy His gold so it can be truly rich.  The gold He offers are the riches of spiritual understanding.  He so wants us to grasp the wonders of having an ever growing good character as we become more and more like Him.  It is so easy to be comfortably content with where we are.  We say and mean it.  “I don’t want to harm people.  I don’t want to steal from them.  I want the best for others.” However, there is so much more.  There is an incredible peace that continues to grow as we watch the world go mad about us.  There are philosophies and mental riches that come with a friendship with Jesus.
Like the people who refused the gold coin by saying “I’m good” we just don’t get it.  They didn’t buy the coin because they didn’t understand the value they were being offered.   We don’t spend the time in prayer and study because we just don’t grasp the value of what we are being offered.  So who is the biggest loser?