The Refrigerator Light

Do you ever wakeup about 4 AM with a parched mouth?  You want to roll over and go back to sleep but something cool and refreshing slipping over your dry lips would be an oasis.  The longer you wait the more intense the thirst.  Finally you head down the stairs for the kitchen.  Now the real dilemma begins. In the darkness illuminated only by tiny LEDs scattered about the room you put your hand on the handle of the fridge.  You have tried to keep your eyes half closed as to remain in a semi-stupor so going back to sleep would be easier.   If you could only just crack open the fridge door but you have open it wide enough to get your arm inside and maneuver. 
How is it that a forty watt bulb can produce a burst of light equivalent to the first atom bomb blast at Los Alamos?   It isn’t just your eyes?  Even your skin reacts as the light rays push the wrinkles out of your face.  Reeling and staggering away from the light you try to back up to the open fridge as not to be permanently blinded.  You put in your arm without really looking directly into the heart of the “sun.”  I know where the sun goes when it goes down at night.  It sleeps in my fridge.
It is no wonder God cautioned Moses not to look at His face.  Surely the light would have incinerated Moses.
There are two kinds of light.  Too much too fast of either can harm.  Books and knowledge must be dispensed carefully.  In ancient times Hebrew children were forbidden to read certain chapters in Scripture.  Light in due time.