A week ago I wrote concerning my mental instability regarding my set of Harvard Classics that is blue but has a brown volume seven.  I received a large amount of correspondence regarding the offending book.   The overwhelming suggestion was that I would be much more mentally at ease if I ordered the advertised blue volume on Amazon.  Therefore I did so.  Yesterday the postman delivered the ordered volume.  I need to report that I am in a more dire condition than before.
Despite my care in ordering the needed blue volume I received another brown volume seven. The psychological dissidence is very disturbing.  I need to warn those who advised me to proceed with the purchase that you will be billed for your portion of my psychiatric fees.  Fees will be divided equally among those who advised to go for it. Responsibility can be most disconcerting.
For thousands of years Lucifer has been disconcertingly trying to make God responsible for the havoc that he, Lucifer, has created.  Because God has granted us free will, Lucifer and we have used that free will to destroy that which is good.  Thus God has been battling to save us from Lucifer and ourselves. The cross was the apex of the conflict in which God paid the price for our sins but did not, and I repeat, did not accept responsible for the horror.  Should God do so Lucifer could claim victory.  In the Book of Revelation we read of a war in heaven.  Obviously this was not a physical war.  How could there be when one side is all powerful?  It was a psychological war that is still raging.   Let us join God in defeating Lucifer by accepting Jesus’ gift of grace. Let us do all we can to bring this conflict to its so needed end so all will know forever who is and was responsible.