Rough Patches

The first half of a flight from Atlanta to Boston this afternoon was very bumpy. However, it did not delay the beverage service.  It was great fun watching people holding plastic cups filled with ice and drink trying to get the cup safely to their lips without decorating themselves.  I was amazed how resilient people can be.  As the plane bounced up and down people with great skill \ compensated for the ups and downs and to my disappointment (Where’s the fun?)  I never saw anyone spill a drop.  I was very impressed.

We had been at an alumni weekend at a marvelous school where I used to be the pastor.  We heard lots of good news but there were also stories of great loss.  There were stories of cancer and worst of all stories of the loss of children.  I don’t know what could be worse than the loss of a child. What amazed me, much to my joy, was how resilient people can be.  It appears that God has created us with amazingly effective emotional shock absorbers.  Here’s an opportunity to use a big word.  The vicissitudes of life, as tragic and as great as they can be, with determination, time and a trust in God can be met with great strength.  There seems to be nothing with which we cannot cope.

The second half of our flight was smooth as glass and just like life.  The rough patches do not last forever.  Psalm 30:5 tells us that sorrow doesn’t last because there will be joy in the morning.  Sometimes life seems overwhelming but there are also smooth places awaiting us if we will utilize the assets God makes available.

Written by Roger Bothwell on April 7, 2014