The Woodpecker

There was a woodpecker in the house.  The back door had been left open and the woodpecker came in.  The poor guy was panic-stricken.  Madly he flew from room to room banging himself against walls.  It was not a pleasant experience.  The first impulse was to grab a net and try to catch him.  But wisdom took over–just open all the doors to the house and get out of the way.  Sure enough.  In a few minutes the woodpecker found his way out the front door.  For the next hour he chattered all over the yard.  He must have been telling the others of his horrible adventure.

Chasing him about the house with a net surely would have injured him.  Have you ever wondered if when we are in difficult places God opens doors of opportunity for us and then gets out of the way?  Sometimes all we need is a chance.  He already has given us the brain and talent to succeed.  He knows it is best for us to use them because real success is our success and not something handed to us by another.

This however is not true when it comes to salvation.  Because we are sinners we cannot meet the demands of the law.  It is essential that Jesus’ success becomes ours.  He gives it.  We accept, and we grow.  We take His gifts and use His strength, and we find freedom

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 27, 2000