This Old House

One of the joys of owning an old house is the continual process of repairing aging everything.  There is always a broken something that needs attention.  One could almost conclude that people who believe in evolution have never lived in an old house.  Things in an old house do not become more organized by themselves.  Rather an old house is a perfect example of entropy.

The whole process is not much different than humankind’s degeneration after the fall of Eve and Adam.  It took just one generation to produce a murderer.  And our history has not been exemplary since then.  But the whole is made up of individuals.  We do not have to look at history as a whole.  All we need to do is watch one person born so innocent and watch the selfish process strip away that innocence.

Thus the horrendous need for the plan of redemption, which is not really so much about materially rewarding the redeemed with mansions as it is about restoration to wholeness.  That is what we need.  Frankly, we can do without the streets of gold.  What we cannot do without is regeneration into the image of the One who originally made us in His image.

Written by Roger Bothwell on November 16, 2000