Potential Serendipities

Long yellowish pine needles have softened the forest floor.  As the afternoon sun splayed its angled rays through the deciduous trees that are still holding onto their precious leaves, the path glows yellow adding a golden tint to the air itself.  My prized lab and I moved quietly over the needle-cushioned trail ascending to our favorite overlook.  To my amazement there was a padded folding chair awaiting me.  Perched on the ridge I could sit and look down on a pair of red-tailed hawks floating about looking for an evening meal.  Whoever it was who carried the chair to the top I send an anonymous thank you.  It was very much appreciated.  The 62 degree breeze with the warming rays of the sun on my arms was an elixir beyond description.

Returning to the bottom we crossed a dried creek that usually provided a place for my dog to quench her thirst.  I grew up watching westerns and remembered scenes of cowboys finding water after digging a hole in a wadi.  It was time to experiment.  So I dug and much to my delight about six inches down water began to seep from the edges of my excavation and soon I had a small drink for my lab. 

So it is true.  Sometimes there is value in looking below the surface.  I have discovered this to be true with people.  Often I find students that are brighter than they look.  It’s also true with Bible study.  There are memory verses I learned in Kindergarten.  Because of familiarity I rarely gave them much scholarly thought because I thought I knew all that mattered.  Might I suggest there are potential serendipities to be had by looking twice, three times or four times at a familiar verse.  We just might find meaning we didn’t know was there.  That’s a treat.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 12, 2016

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