A Very Wise Squirrel

In the fall as the days grow shorter and the midnight frost starts to nip the flowers, squirrels become most industrious.  They scurry around burying acorns everywhere carefully patting the dirt down on top of each acorn making it secure for future nourishment.

We are somewhat like those squirrels when reading our Bibles.  Not always is a passage exactly relevant to what is happening in our current lives.  But when reading we are burying seeds of truth and comfort for later times when we might need them.  Just as those squirrels do not need the acorns in the fall, later during a very cold winter the acorns will be there waiting for them.  If we hide God’s Word deeply in our minds, it will be there for us to use when difficult times come.

The Psalmist wrote in Ps. 119:19, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”  If we store up God’s wisdom, the Holy Spirit can make good use of it when the need arises.

Written by Roger Bothwell on Oct. 3, 2000

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