Unaware Sinners

Yesterday I took my car for its annual state safety and emissions inspection and to my horror discovered our state registration ran out two months ago.  We have been driving illegally.  We were sinners unaware.  Today I got that cared for by standing in a very long line at the RMV (DMV).

How could I not be reminded that every day I walk about as an unaware sinner. There are depths of selfishness and depravity hidden deep in me of which I am honestly totally unaware.  Part of the process of becoming like Jesus is that ever so subtly He makes me aware.  He is so kind.  If He just opened up the pit and showed me all the deficiencies, I am sure I would be so overwhelmed I would just give up.  I knew a man once who was so very sure he could go for days without sinning.  His ignorance of himself and of what sin is filled me with despair because I could not help him grow.  Unless we see the need, we will not rise to doing something about it.  That is where Jesus’ gentle grace comes into play.  He is thrilled at the progress we make.  He was one of us.  He knows.  Because He knows He understands and rejoices in our growth.

Christianity is not about attaining.  Jesus already attained.   Christianity is about growth.  We have to remember I Corinthians 15.  There Paul tells us there is a day coming when this corruption puts on incorruption.  It is called resurrection morning.

So to all unaware sinners, I call upon you to rejoice in your progress.  Do not despair that you are not there.  Rejoice in the little steps forward, after all that’s what make Jesus happy.  Remember our righteousness is like filthy rags.   (Isaiah 64:6)  Jesus’ righteousness is perfect.  How grand!

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 14, 2016

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