My Exquisite Watch

I spotted a watch for sale on  I didn’t need a watch but this one was really elegant and only cost $8.99 with free shipping.   So in a moment of weakness I thought, “Hey, I can always give it to someone.”  It arrived in three days as promised.  Now, this is amazing.  It really is exquisite. And it works!  There are absolutely no identifying words on the watch other than one word – Quartz.   I pulled out a tiny plastic wedge from under the stem, set it and wound it.  The next day the time was perfect, so I wound it again and again the next day and the next.  The next day I forgot to wind it and discovered it has a battery.  It doesn’t need to be wound.

I was like someone uselessly trying to save themselves.  My efforts were pointless.  I could have wound that watch all day and not have accomplished anything.  Actually quite to the contrary those who expend endless amounts of energy trying to save them harm themselves.  They are never happy because they know something’s wrong.  They fail to measure up and often become critical of others who are not measuring up.  It’s an ego defense mechanism that says, “Well, so and so, isn’t so great either.”  They lose sleep and damage their physical health.

Their efforts are rank, as so graphically put by Isaiah.   He said, “All our righteous acts are like filthy rags.” 64:6

So let us say it loud and clear.  Salvation is a gift of God’s grace.  All the good works we do will never add to our salvation.  Righteousness is His and His alone.  We are the recipients of grace.  So stop watch-winding and relax in the sheer luxury of His love.  It’s called the joy of salvation.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 92016

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