Running Bear and Flying Eagle

This evening was my last class of the spring semester.  It is a sweet yet bitter experience.  It is sweet because in my laziness, next week I will not have to prepare lectures.  It is bitter because I will miss the continuation of friendships begun.  After I turn in grades and allow a few months to pass, many names will fade away.  We were created for fellowship and I long to know more about my students who have dedicated their lives to be teachers.  In the grocery store or at the Dairy Queen I will see them and not remember their names.  It seems like the space in my mind where their names were stored will be emptied and refilled with the names of new students.  I hope, when and if we meet, they will be kind enough to remind me of their names.

Paul is so encouraging in First Corinthians one .  He struggles to remember those he baptized.  Thank you Paul for being so human and so honest.

We can be so happy and confident that God will never forget our names.  If He knows how many hairs we have our names will be easy for Him.  In Revelation we are told He has new names for us.  They will be names appropriate to match who we really are.  They must be like Indian names; Flying Eagle, Brave Bear, Running Fox.  I’m not so sure this is a good idea.  I don’t want to be called Frightened Kitty.  Perhaps He will be kind and allow me to continue to be Roger.  I’m used to that.

He loves us so I am sure whatever He wills will thrill and enthrall us.  After all He is our Father.

Written by Roger Bothwell on May 8, 2015

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