“Let Me”

The stage was set for a wonderful moment; an empty high school parking lot, a helmeted little boy, an anxious father and a tiny bicycle with no training wheels.  With just a few running steps dad let go and a life milestone was passed.  The little boy was on his way toward manhood.  He was not my little boy.  I did not know who they were.  Yet, I found myself happy to have seen this passage.  Surely heavenly beings are equally happy when they witness our passages.  There is something contagious about the joy and wonder of accomplishment.  I am happy when my students do well.

Jesus told us, “Lo, I am with you always.”  Does that mean, unlike the little boy’s father, He never lets go?  I like the idea that He is watching and yet I find myself wanting Him to “let me.”  Surely as we learn new skills and new proficiencies He steps back and allows us to flourish.  He is the scaffolding while building us.  But there is a time for the scaffolding to be removed.  As a father I scaffolded for my sons who then scaffolded for their children.

Our heavenly Father will never be able to step back and let go in terms of our eternal salvation.  That is something we can never do ourselves.  We have not the competence.  However, there are so many other arenas of life where He must glow with joy as He sees us do it ourselves.  Forever there will be new things to learn and forever there will be opportunities for us to say “let me.”

Written by Roger Bothwell on April 27, 2015

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