Who We Are

Knowing why we are here, not as a race but as a unique person, is without a doubt one of the most complex and disturbing questions we ponder. Each of us is so very unique. We are the complicated product of a baby born with our DNA and traits then mixed with relationships and experiences. I have heard people opine about being born when Jesus was here. Had that occurred for you, you would have been someone else. The times would have made you a different person.

When God said to Jeremiah, “Before you were born I knew you” He knew when, who and where the baby that became Jeremiah would grow up. Had we not married the people we did, had we not had the children we had, we would be someone else. Only the name would be the same. We are creatures in flux. The process never stops. I am not the same person who graduated from college nor will I be the same person when I am tottering and ancient.

When I speak of my father to my grandchildren I have a choice of which father to tell about. I can speak of the hard working caring young man or the aged, pain filled man who knew very little joy other than that of an old boxer dog.

When we see each other in heaven we will not be us anymore than we are what we were decades ago. The elements I have not yet added to the mix of our being are our choices. We are amazing creatures who can by the will given us forge the kind of person we want to become. Choose this day to be spectacular. We can be if we will to be and work to be.

Written by Roger Bothwell on April 24, 2015
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