He was very good.  Actually he was better than good.  He was the best.  Eleven times he totally and completely licked all the peanut butter off the trap.  He did not get caught until the twelfth time.  Why that time?  Who knows?  Maybe the trap was finally set lightly enough.  Or maybe he got careless and greedy.  Whatever happened the result was the same.  The trap sprung and in a split second it was over.

Too bad he could not have continued to cohabit with the humans of the house.  He had beautiful big eyes and a creamy white tummy.  He was good.  But the bread drawer was definitely not to be shared with a mouse.

Just how many times do we get away with something and then suddenly we are caught?  How many times do we violate our standards for what to watch on TV or what to read or what movie to see before it does its number on us and changes our characters?

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 8, 2001

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