The Freedom to Be

Do you every wonder how it is that evil people and good people are members of the same species?  The human mind is by far the most mysterious thing on earth.  It sits behind the eyes and holds within its folds the universe.  It receives a continuous stream of data and processes it into consciousness and self-awareness.  That consciousness transforms into an “I.”  “I” then make highly selective choices as to how “I” will respond to all that sensory stimuli.

There are some who believe that what we do with self is already determined and we have no real freedom.  There are others who have concluded that we have absolute freedom and power to choose what we will be.  Perhaps reality is somewhere in the middle.  A Volkswagen brain cannot will itself to become a Mercedes.  But it can will itself to be the very best Volkswagen brain ever.  We are limited by our physical inheritance.  But we can train, we can alter, we can discipline, we can hone our minds as a body builder strengthens and defines his biceps.  We can feed our brain quality thoughts and exercise it by contemplating character-building ideas.

Paul says, “Let this mind be in you that was in Jesus Christ.”  Philippians 2:5.  Paul also says, “I in Christ and Christ in me.”  Jesus wants to be our personal trainer.  He wants to guide us into a more excellent state of thought and consciousness. He wants us to think heavenly ideas and intellectually soar above the crowd.  The freedom to be such is ours to choose.

Written by Roger Bothwell on March 8, 2001

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