The Dreaded Click

Anyone who owns a car has at least one time gotten in and turned the key only to hear a click.  It’s a sickening sound.  Most of us who are optimistic turn the key again only to rehear the click.  And if we have really lost control of our brains we turn it the third time.  If it didn’t work the first two times it isn’t going to work the third time because the battery is dead or so close to death it needs hospice.  It’s time for the jumper cables.  Hopefully there is a kind soul about who will let you connect to their car for electrical sustenance.

We could be the one who needs the power or the one who supplies the power depending on our personal supply.  When we are with Jesus we are charged with enough power to overcome the world.  That’s a promise in I John 5.  But there are times when we aren’t so supercharged.

Spending time in the Gospels and Paul’s letters keeps us connected and allows His power to flow through us to others.  These days, before the holidays, are especially hectic and busy and the time we have to pay attention to our spiritual life can be quite limited.  Often we have to really purpose it. If we don’t, life’s chores just crowd our days leaving very little time for Jesus.  It’s ironic that the celebration of His advent becomes the very thing to pull us away from Him.  If you find yourself feeling a bit separated from Him don’t chastise yourself.  He understands and is grateful for any time you can devote to Him, be it five minutes or an hour.  Just don’t let it be zero or you will hear the dreaded click.

Written by Roger Bothwell on December 17, 2015

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