Getting Our Wings

Angels don’t necessarily have to be ethereal beings with halos and large white wings.  They can come in all manner of shapes and sizes.  I saw two today.  They came in a large pickup truck.  They were wearing work clothes and ball caps and might have needed a shave.  I didn’t notice for sure but being that it was the weekend I figure they might have given their chins and cheeks a rest.  They even had a golden retriever with them who was such a good dog he could have belonged to an angel.  They backed up to my garage and unloaded a freshly cut and split load of dried maple ready for the woodstove.  After a few minutes of neatly stacking in my garage they were gone. I will remember these guy/angels on cold New England evenings when the wind is howling and my woodstove is toasting me.  Needless to say I really love angels like this.   Thanks guys.

Each of us can be an angel.  All we need to do to earn our wings is to do something very unselfish and very useful for someone.  In Hebrews 1 angels are called ministering spirits.  If we minister to others we qualify.  We can speak for God in our actions and behaviors.  We want to make sure our speech and behaviors come from the same page.  Sometimes I have heard people say very nice things but not act very nicely.  That’s not very angelic.  Consistency really counts.

We can be angels in our workplaces by easing the load of others.  We can be angels in our neighborhoods by helping to create a safe environment for the children on our streets.  Advancement to angelhood can be really rewarding.  I highly recommend it.

Written by Roger Bothwell on October 27, 2014

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