My Internal Chip

What I am about to say will set off alarm bells in the brains of Bible students who know about the Mark of the Beast as described in the book of Revelation.  The \ Mark of the Beast traditionally has something to do with a mark on one’s forehead or hand that will enable people to buy and sell.   So here goes.  I can hardly wait for the technology to advance to placing a microchip under the skin on the back of my hand.  Never again will I have to worry about losing my wallet which now contains my driver’s license, my credit cards, my library card, my AARP card, my BJ’s card and my health insurance cards.  Without my wallet I am a nobody who cannot legally drive, pay for gas for my car, check out a book, get my old people’s discount at Denny’s and get emergency health care should I need it.

I’m sure all of us have had that panic moment when we reach for our wallet and it isn’t where it is supposed to be.  Our mouth goes instantly dry, our stomach lurches, our knees go weak when it is not instantly, comfortingly in our pocket.  How grand it will be when I merely need to wave my hand in front of the gas pump or at the grocery store to pay for things.  I can stop being fearful of pickpockets when in a packed elevator.

When something is inside it is truly yours.  I carry Jesus around in my heart.  He knocked.  I said, “Come on in” and the joy and eternal security is amazing.  People can’t steal Him from me.  The only way He would leave is for me to toss Him out and I would never be that stupid.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 30, 2014

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