Summer Has Been Vandalized

Summer has been vandalized.  In the quiet of the night graffiti artists silently plied their skills and somehow whisked across the tops of our trees spraying red and gold.  If only I could catch these rascals, but they seem to know when I am not looking.  Ah, but then again, summer is gone.  It is time for these renegade painters to display this year’s exhibit.  Have they been practicing some place unaware?  Were they anxious to do their thing?  Tonight I shall stay up waiting to apprehend them least they blaze my entire neighborhood with their Monetish talent without my catching a glimpse.  I must say they are very neat.  They do not leave empty spray cans scattered about.

Alas, summer has passed.  Hopefully none of us has to say as did Jeremiah, “”The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.”  What an awful thing to have to say.  If you do have to say such I do so hope you enjoy these few autumns that you have left.  But a much better idea is to take Jesus up on His offer and live with us forever.  That is so much better.  Please do.  If you don’t we will miss you and our autumns will be diminished because of your absence.

If I were rich I would have a home both in Massachusetts and Australia thus having two autumns each year.  Someone told me in heaven the leaves will not turn but stay eternally green.  How dull.  How boring.  If that is the case I will find myself a tilted planet somewhere in God’s vast universe where I can, each of its years, try to catch those vandals with the cans of gold, red and yellow paint.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 29, 2014

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