On Storms and Sunny Days

We began a journey today in the rain.  As we rolled along with limited visibility from the rain and the spray of other vehicles I had my wife check the weather map on her iPad.  “We only have 50 more miles and we will drive out of it,” she said.  But after 50 miles we were still being pelted.  Again she checked the weather map only to discover the storm was moving with us and we were barely making headway.  For each 50 miles we went the storm followed at 30 miles per hour.  Eventually we won.

How like life it was.  Life’s storms and troubles follow us.  We think we see sunny days ahead only to discover either our troubles have followed or we have driven into new ones.  Do we eventually win?  Perhaps.  It depends on our definition of winning.  If by winning we mean we have grown and understand more, then hopefully we have.  If by winning we mean sunny days come and last for the rest of our lives.  Then no we never win.  This life is one filled with disappointments and challenges. And truthfully we need them.  The old expression “no pain, no gain” is pregnant with meaning.

The real challenge is what do we do with challenges.  They can ultimately be blessings if we become better people because of them.  Maybe using the word “blessings” is pushing it a bit.  Perhaps the word “opportunities” is a better word to use.

Lest I sound like I am complaining, I am not.  I have had more than my share of sunny days and I am very thankful.  But I also know that as my wife and I age there are many unsunny days ahead.

Written by Roger Bothwell on September 1, 2014

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