Today I wrote a check for twelve months of car/home insurance.  Ouch.  As I did so I remembered one of my high school/academy teachers who didn’t believe in insurance because he returned his tithe to God, who promised to rebuke the devourer.  I wonder what he would have done if he lived in Massachusetts where auto insurance is required by law?  To my knowledge he never had an accident nor did his house ever burn down. Was it random chance or did God honor his faith?  It’s one of the questions I have to ask God someday.

I thought about not paying for my house insurance for my former teacher’s reason.  Was my purchase of house insurance an act of disbelief in God’s promise? I don’t think so.  I had to pay because I believe God expects us to do as much as we can to protect ourselves and He will do the rest.  Actually it was He who made sure I had the funds to purchase the insurance.

Was my professor being foolish?  I don’t think so.  I believe God treats each of us in a unique manner.  He knows our thoughts.  He knows our levels of faith and why and how we arrive at our conclusions.  Thus for me it would be foolish not to purchase insurance.  But, what about people who have watched in agony as their children die because the parents would not seek modern medical care and trusted in prayer?  God didn’t save their children because of their parent’s faith.  So the issue is murky in my mind.  There are so many issues about which I wish I knew more and someday I shall know.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the answers?

Written by Roger Bothwell on August 21. 2014

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