When Nothing is Something

I recently heard someone say, “Space is nothing.”  If that is so then nothing is something because space is God’s Studio.  From the center of it all He conceives, plans and executes magnificent artwork.  If you have a friend with a telescope, ask her to show you the Andromeda Galaxy.  It is our twin galaxy with which we will merge 5 billion years from now to make one even more gigantic.  Space is a place.

Empty places are opportunities.  Ask an interior designer about empty rooms.  Ask an artist standing before a blank canvas.  Ask a writer with a blank piece of paper.  Opportunities abound where there is space.  Nothing is something.

Then there is silence. Silence is profundity.  I am often disappointed in church when after a magnificent performance some people break out in applause.  The applause cheapens the performance.  It defiles the profundity.   When the mind is struck with awe, the mouth drops open but does not speak.  When one of my friends achieves something great all I want to do is stand by and admire with both of us soaking up his experience.  There is an interesting verse in Revelation that says, “Heaven was silent.”  Some have said it was silent because it was empty.  I believe it is full and silent because of the aweness of some amazing event.   When Jesus died upon the cross heaven was silent. The Creator had been slain by His creations.  How could it have come to this?

I would that God could empty me of biases, prejudices, preconceived ideas, habits and selfishness and use the opportunity to fill the space with the character of Jesus. Someday.  Someday “this mortal shall put on immortality and this corruption incorruption.”  I Corinthians 15.

Written by Roger Bothwell on July 14, 2014

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